About Us


Offering Help and Hope

The Mentor relationship is where an experienced married couple comes alongside a couple either preparing for marriage or a couple dealing with conflict in their relationship. The Mentor couple  shares tools and insights learned from their own marriage.

Our Purpose: Strengthen Relationships

Today in our society more time is spent in preparation for the wedding than in preparing for marriage. One in every two marriages ends in divorce. The effect upon the family and society is  devastating. Marriage Mentors is committed to preparing Pre-Marital couples for a lifetime commitment in a relationship that builds and nourishes each partner and provides a haven for their children. We are also committed to helping marriages in conflict and step-families in working through issues that are hindering growth and fulfillment in their marriages.

   Our Foundation: The Word of God

Marriage Mentors is based on Biblical truth. Our mentoring program began in 1997 as a response to accelerating divorce rates and the desire for couples to succeed in their marriages. Biblical precepts bring to light four major emphases of Marriage Mentors:

  • Understanding the Marriage Covenant
  • How to communicate
  • How to resolve conflict
  • How to cherish (honor) one another

Inventories are utilized to bring to light potential areas of conflict and communication problems.

Our Mentors: Regular Married People, Experienced and Trained

Each Mentor couple has demonstrated success in their own marriage and has gone through Mentor Training.

There is no perfect marriage. Mentor Couples have learned through the years to work through many challenges. Experienced Mentors offer their couple encouragement. They help the couple learn to work together through challenges and to build a strong marriage.

Time and Cost: An Investment with the Greatest Returns

Time involved for Pre-Marital Mentoring is designed to take place over a two to three month period. Mentors then remain available to their couples for encouragement and support.

Married couples needing mentoring receive help and encouragement on a regular basis as determined by the Mentor Couple.

The only financial investment on the part of the couple being mentored is for the cost of processing the Inventory ($35.00) and the cost of the workbooks used during mentoring.

The most important investment on the part of the couple being mentored is to pray and spend  the time and effort needed in homework assignments and working through the issues with each other.